As you know, due the corona crisis the (solar energy) industry is challenging to continue do business. Operationally, this is going well, especially with the guidelines of the RIVM. But there will also be fundamental things to do, such as signing some contracts. Ecorus has found a solution in this.

Ecorus can offer its:
  • clients
  • shareholders
  • suppliers
  • subcontractors;
  • etc.
to sign electronically.



Through Docusign eSignatures, an online application for electronic execution of contracts from almost anywhere in the world, so also from any home office.


How does it work?

1. The contract will be uploaded in DocuSign;
2. The names and e-mail addresses of the signatories will be included;
3. Signatures, initials and date fields will be dragged into the contract;
4. When steps 1-3 are completed, the document will be sent out;
5. DocuSign will email a link to all recipients where they can access the document;
6. Once all parties have signed, DocuSign generates a fully signed and dated copy of the contract.


Let’s do some business!

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