Senior Python Developer Renewable Energy

For Ecorus in Amsterdam we are looking for a Senior Developer.

Solar power. The best kind of power. Clean, cheap, and renewable. But we also need it to be reliable. So we have to monitor it closely, with state-of-the-art software.

Tell me more…

More and more companies are taking action on climate change. They’re recycling, driving electric cars, and using more sustainable materials in their products. And some are even moving to solar energy. They’re lining the rooftops of their offices, warehouses, distribution centers, and stores with solar panels.
Though we’ve come a long way, solar panels are still very sensitive pieces of technology. Pieces we depend on for the production of our electricity and, in a way, our money. Which is why your help is needed in building the best possible monitoring solution out there.

What do they need?

From designing and building new features to inform users even better, to integration and automation of existing tools. It’s all done in Python. And a little Java here and there. But even with intuitive OOP languages like that, it takes quite a bit of skill to build a monitoring solution that can keep an eye on several acres of solar panels and give reliable information. This is where you come in.

Why me?

Because you’ve got what it takes. Your computer science background gives you a broad understanding of the engineering process and what’s needed to make things work. Your solid python skills mean you can program your way through anything. And your commitment to making a difference drives you to put your best foot forward every single day. What more could we ask for?

What do we offer?

  • A challenging role in a real scale up organisation
  • A collegial and social team
  • Good labour agreements
  • A future at a healthy international top player in the energy market
  • An informal atmosphere with short communication lines


For more information please contact, 06-10745291